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Our Professional Teeth Whitening Process In Singapore


Our smile is one of the first few things people often notice. Be it we're heading out, walking across the city, or just meeting up with friends. Because of that, you would want everyone to see a white yet dazzling smile.

From at-home treatments to clinic services, our professional teeth whitening in Singapore can be just what you need to achieve your smile goals. 

Our professional teeth whitening treatment in Singapore includes consultation, cleaning, whitening, and application of gel and trays. Check them out here!



The dentist first determines if you are suitable for clinic whitening. Sometimes, conditions such as dental decay or poor gum health may be render your teeth unsuitable for whitening.​



A light scaling and polishing is first performed to remove any plaque from the surface of your teeth. This is to ensure perfect contact of whitening gel and tooth structure.



After your lips and gums are protected, a higher concentration peroxide gel is placed on your teeth to whiten them. A high powered LED laser light is then positioned over your teeth to activate the gel. This is performed for 3 rounds over the span of 1 hour



Proprietary ingredients in the gel reduce or completely prevent teeth sensitivity during treatment. As an added precaution, a de-sensitizing gel is placed on your teeth after treatment for further reassurance

Looking for a professional to help you with teeth whitening? Our team at Brightside Dental is well-positioned to deliver suitable solutions to you.

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