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Whitening your Teeth at Home



Many people lack time to visit their dentists regularly. And frankly, that just puts their teeth at risk. Save yourself from this struggle and try our gel kits for teeth whitening today!

Using our gel kits for teeth whitening is a piece of cake! All you need to do are dispense them into the trays and place them over your teeth for 1 hour every day. Enhance your smiles and achieve pearly whites in the comfort of your own home!


Whitening your Teeth at Home

Home whitening is performed by yourself at home and it's really easy to do!


Our dentists prescribe a peroxide gel that is given to you in syringes. These gels are essential for teeth whitening and have to be stored in the refrigerator to keep them fresh.


Custom trays are made to adapt to the shape of your teeth. The gels are then dispensed into these trays and then trays are then placed over your teeth for approximately 1 hour every day.


Gels should only be dispensed onto the front surfaces of teeth on the tray. A tiny glob would suffice, as the rest of the gel would spread over the surface of the teeth. Any excess that flows onto your gums should be wiped away immediately.

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What’s The Best Way To Whiten My Teeth Instantly

Have you ever experienced the embarrassment of flashing a smile only to find out your teeth looks so yellowish? No worries, our gel kits for teeth whitening are here to the rescue! 

Generally, dentist treatment helps you get at least 3-5 shades lighter. But with our gel kits for teeth whitening, we will take your teeth-whitening journey to a notch by about 5-8 shades lighter than your current teeth colour. 

While visiting a dentist is a sure-fire way, we also would like to introduce our gel kits for teeth whitening. We guarantee that most of our patients have already achieved a brilliant smile, and we cannot wait for you to flash your pearly whites, too! Try our kits today!

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