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Brightside Dental Clinic


Experience a new paradigm of effective, safe, and affordable teeth whitening treatments in Singapore with Brightside Dental. Trust us, we’re dentists.


Come down for a 60 minute teeth whitening session at Brightside. Relax in one of our cosy rooms while we work our magic.


Results visible immediately.


Purchase our teeth whitening kits and do the magic yourself. We’re more than happy to teach you the tricks.

Results visible only after constant use.
(1 to 2 weeks)



Consultation for suitability.


 Whitening 101

HOW MANY VISITS WILL IT TAKE TO ATTAIN WHITER TEETH? Just 1 clinic whitening visit will yield visibly brighter teeth of 3-5 shades.

HOW LONG WILL WHITENING LAST? A good estimate would be 18 months. However, this may vary from person to person, depending on lifestyle habits and oral hygiene.

WILL MY TEETH BE SENSITIVE AFTER WHITENING? It is normal to have some sensitivity after whitening (clinic or take home) is performed. However, the sensitivity is manageable and should not affect your day to day life. To reduce chances of sensitivity after treatment, use a sensitive toothpaste (such as Colgate Pro-Relief) for a week prior to treatment.

WILL WHITENING DAMAGE MY TEETH AND GUMS? There will not be any long term damage to teeth and gums. We take precautions to prevent the whitening gel from coming in contact with gums. However, should that occur, your gums may turn white for a day or two with no long term effects.

WHAT SHOULD I AVOID TO MAKE MY RESULTS LONGER LASTING? We believe that you should not let your dental treatment affect your lifestyle. Live your life and have fun! However, should you truly wish to prolong your results, avoid heavily coloured food and drink (like red wine, turmeric) and avoid using tobacco. Brush and floss your teeth regularly too.

WHY SHOULD I CONSIDER BRIGHTSIDE (DENTIST) OVER NON-DENTISTS? All our dentists are qualified practitioners registered with the Singapore Dental Council. Treatment at Brightside is only prescribed after a thorough examination and diagnosis performed by them. Additionally, the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore only allows professional dentists to prescribe whitening gels that exceed 0.1% in concentration. Our products range from 10% to 35% in concentration to ensure efficacy. Non-dentist establishments therefore are limited to ineffective products that require multiple visits to achieve results, overall making treatment more dangerous, time consuming and expensive.


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