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Minimally invasive smile makeovers now done as easy as ABC.

Smile Makeover with ABC Treatment
Smile Makeover with ABC Treatment

Minimally Invasive. Maximally Radiant.

Smile Makeovers as Easy as ABC. Alignment. Brightening. Contouring.







A Combo Smile Makeover Treatment, Done Just Right

Our Brightside ABC treatment is a combination of teeth Alignment, effective Brightening of teeth, and the bonding of ceramic or composite veneers to Contour individual teeth to achieve a smile that is perfectly aligned, brighter, and lasts a decade or more.

Less Invasive

Less Downtime

Less Costly

As Efficient as it is Beautiful

Brightside ABC is a cosmetic dentistry option that reduces the need for aggressive removal of tooth tissue, making it less invasive.

It combines the effects of teeth alignment with veneers to shape your smile perfectly and naturally, saving time and cost on overlapping, redundant procedures that you don’t need.

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Smile Makeover Solutions



Rapid alignment of teeth in 3-6 months, not years.

It starts with clear aligners or braces to rapidly align your teeth for just the right amount needed for that brilliant, healthy smile. This way, it takes 3-6 months compared to traditional orthodontics, which can take up to two years.

Rapid alignment

Clear Aligners or Braces

Invisible aligners preserve natural beauty during alignment process.

3D Imaging and Simulation

Alignments imaged with 3D, allowing you to design your smile before treatment

Full Dental Consults

Assurance for optimal smile and dental health.



Real Whitening by Real Dentists

Our signature treatment you know and love. Once you’re done with the Align process, we’ll polish and whiten your natural teeth using dental-grade H2O2 in a single 1-hour session for visible results.

Teeth Whitening

Clinically Effective

Licensed to use up to 35% Hydrogen Peroxide gel that works

Clean Foundation

Whitened teeth act as a cleaner, brighter base for your veneers.

Quick & Comfortable

A calibrated 1-hour session delivers a spa-like whitening experience



The Pinnacle of Smile Luxury with Veneers

Get customised ceramic dental veneers crafted to contour perfectly onto your teeth. You’ll get to design your smile, pick the precise shade, and get physical try-ons that you can wear before finalisation!

Perfectly Contoured

Premium Ceramic Veneers

Crafted from the highest grade ceramic for real-teeth feel.

Try and Test

Design and try out your smile with software and physical moulds

A Smile Made to Last

All veneers are engineered to last 10 years, or much longer with proper care.

Smile Design You Control

Designed and engineered by our dentists to deliver the smile of your dreams. We take pride in our work, and never outsource your veneer designs to a lab.

Design & Consult

Step 1


  1. We work with you to design your dream smile.

  2. Show us photos of smiles you like and want. 

  3. Personal clinical consult on feasibility of contouring your teeth naturally to achieve your desired smile.

Scan & Customise

Step 2


  1. Customise nearly every aspect of your smile:

    1. width and length,

    2. teeth texture, and

    3. shade of white

  2. We take comprehensive 3D scan of your mouth.

  3. We’ll assess if you need Alignment with clear aligners, or can go straight to Contouring with veneers!

Smile Trial

Step 3


  1. Take your contoured smile for a test run with a digital and physical mockup of your smile.

  2. Give feedback and make adjustments on your designed smile on-the-spot with our dentist.

  3. Once you’re set, we can begin crafting your actual long-lasting veneers.

Prep. Try. and Apply

Step 4


We prepare your teeth for final application of quality ceramic or composite veneers:

  1. Teeth are lightly shaved for maximum bonding with your new veneers. 

  2. Get trial veneers which you can wear for 2 weeks, where you can make final adjustments to their shade and shape.

  3. Come back for a 2-3 hour session to apply your actual veneers, made exactly as you like them.
Smile Makeover Done

Step 5


Get a beaming new smile that looks like a million dollars, and feels just as good as your natural teeth!

  1. Eat, sleep, and smile as normal, but with renewed confidence and radiance!

  2. Access regular follow-ups and checkups to keep your ABC smile in tip-top condition.

  3. Veneers are designed to be long lasting and durable.

More Reasons to Smile

Less Time and Cost

The ABC technique shaves time and costs by applying only the procedures you need. For example, teeth are aligned just the right amount, because veneers will take care of the imperfections. It’s win-win throughout. 

Contoured to You

The bonding of micrometer-thin ceramic veneers on each tooth means that your smile (shape, lengths, texture and shine) can be crafted to suit your desired smile aesthetic.

Dental Veneers

Feels Like Real Teeth

Composite Veneers are made of the same proven material used in dental fillings. They are cost effective and long lasting.

Ceramic Veneers are made of porcelain, so they last more than 10 years and take little maintenance. Whichever you pick, both are fully food-safe and feel natural.

Treatment rooms

So Comfy. So Chill.

Our treatment rooms are designed with your comfort and experience in mind. Think quality dental chairs, modern equipment and even ceiling-mounted screens so you can Netflix while we work on your perfect smile, painlessly and comfortably.

Real Confidence Begins With a Brighter Smile

Dr. Wilson Dan is the Clinical Director of a third generation family dental clinic and has served years as Dental Officer In-Charge at SingHealth Polyclinics.

At Brightside Dental, he spearheads harmonious dental aesthetics with safe and proven treatments that protects your natural teeth, creating brighter and more confident smiles every day.

Dr Jeremy Sim graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2016.

He practiced at a renowned aesthetic dental clinic before setting out with Dr Wilson Dan at Brightside Dental, taking along a wealth of experience to bring dental aesthetics to the masses.

He also practices orthodontics with years of clear aligner and braces patients under his belt. He also has a strong passion for paediatric dentistry and believes in early intervention for jaw development issues.

A patient practitioner, his mantra is to listen first, and do later.

Dr. Wilson Dan
Dr. Jeremy Sim

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FAQ for Brightside ABC Treatment

Everything you need to know about our Brightside ABC treatment and more.

Most people should be suitable for ABC treatment. There are certain conditions, such as missing teeth and severe gum disease that would be contraindications for ABC treatment.

The entire process should take about 3-6 months. The duration is most dependent on the severity of the patient’s dental misalignment.

The process is carried out entirely under local anaesthesia and is thus painless. Some short term sensitivity (up to 2 weeks) may occur after veneers are placed.

At Brightside, we believe that everyone is entitled to a beautiful smile, regardless of their finances. Ask us about our payment options!

We provide warranty for 1 year post treatment that covers clinical defects.

Veneers are maintained just as normal teeth are. There is no special maintenance required. They are also bonded strongly onto your teeth and are unlikely to fall out.

We would love to show you our gallery of before and after treatment photos. However, due to strict governmental advertising guidelines for medical/dental institutions, we are not allowed to do so to the general public. However, we can show it to you at our clinic if you come down for a consultation!

Yes, you can! However, you should try to avoid putting your veneers under excessive stress (for example, using them to crack nuts or bite into crab shells). In fact, you should not even do that with your natural teeth!

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1-Hour Teeth Whitening

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