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FAQs for ABC Smile Makeover Treatment

Everything you need to know about our Brightside ABC Smile Makeover treatment and more.

Most people should be suitable for ABC treatment. There are certain conditions, such as missing teeth and severe gum disease that would be contraindications for ABC treatment.

The entire process should take about 3-6 months. The duration is most dependent on the severity of the patient’s dental misalignment.

The process is carried out entirely under local anaesthesia and is thus painless. Some short term sensitivity (up to 2 weeks) may occur after veneers are placed.

At Brightside, we believe that everyone is entitled to a beautiful smile, regardless of their finances. Ask us about our payment options!

We provide warranty for 1 year post treatment that covers clinical defects.

Veneers are maintained just as normal teeth are. There is no special maintenance required. They are also bonded strongly onto your teeth and are unlikely to fall out.

We would love to show you our gallery of before and after treatment photos. However, due to strict governmental advertising guidelines for medical/dental institutions, we are not allowed to do so to the general public. However, we can show it to you at our clinic if you come down for a consultation!

Yes, you can! However, you should try to avoid putting your veneers under excessive stress (for example, using them to crack nuts or bite into crab shells). In fact, you should not even do that with your natural teeth!

Everything you need to know to get your teeth professionally whitened in 1 Hour.

Just 1 clinic whitening session will yield visibly brighter teeth of 3-5 shades.

A good estimate would be 18 months. However, this may vary from person to person, depending on lifestyle habits and oral hygiene.

All our dentists are qualified practitioners registered with the Singapore Dental Council. Treatment at Brightside is only prescribed after a thorough examination and diagnosis performed by them.

Additionally, the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore only allows professional dentists to prescribe teeth whitening gels that exceed 0.1% in concentration. Our products range from 10% to 35% in concentration to ensure efficacy.

Non-dentist establishments therefore are limited to ineffective products that require multiple visits to achieve results, overall making treatment more dangerous, time consuming and expensive.

Only dental professionals are permitted to prescribe whitening products over 0.1% in concentration. Therefore, OTC kits are not as effective. Additionally, our take home whitening system includes custom made whitening trays that are molded to your teeth, ensuring ideal application of the product, enhancing effectiveness, reducing side effects and reducing wastage of gel lost to the oral cavity.

It is normal to have some sensitivity after whitening (clinic or take home) is performed. However, the sensitivity is manageable and should not affect your day to day life. To reduce chances of sensitivity after treatment, use a sensitive toothpaste (such as Colgate Pro-Relief) for a week prior to treatment.

We believe that you should not let your dental treatment affect your lifestyle. Live your life and have fun! However, should you truly wish to prolong your results, avoid heavily coloured food and drink (like red wine, turmeric) and avoid using tobacco. Brush and floss your teeth regularly too.

Individuals with large decay, or multiple dental restoration on their front teeth would not be suitable for whitening. Certain clinical conditions such as discolouration from severe fluorosis and staining from childhood antibiotic usage can only be treated on a case-to-case basis.

There will not be any long term damage to teeth and gums. We take precautions to prevent the whitening gel from coming in contact with gums. However, should that occur, your gums may turn white for a day or two with no long term effects.

It is generally safe to whiten your teeth whenever you desire.

Clinic whitening utilises a high concentration whitening gel that provides visible results within the day. This gel requires professional application and precautions that are provided at Brightside in order to ensure patient safety and wellbeing.

Take home whitening kits are lower in concentration and require disciplined usage daily. Results are usually visible in 1 week.

Yes, we do. Our home whitening costs $399 and includes custom trays, and enough gel to last at least 2 weeks.

Take home whitening kits are lower in concentration and require disciplined usage daily. Results are usually visible in 1 week.

FAQs for HeavyPro Mouthguards

Everything you need to know about our HeavyPro Triplelayer Mouthguards and more.

You will receive the mouthguard 7 working days after the first digital scan visit.

ERKODENT HeavyPro Triplelayer Mouthguards are extremely durable and can last you for many years if maintained well.

Simply brushing and rinsing them with soap and water is sufficient. You may also choose to purchase denture/aligner effervescent tablets for additional cleaning every now and then.

HeavyPro Triplelayer Mouthguards are made of a triple layer (soft-hard-soft) polymer that’s custom moulded to your teeth.

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