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HeavyPro Sport Mouthguards

Digitally moulded mouthguards designed for sport and Custom-made by dentists for stronger and safer victories!

Sport Mouthguards

No Pain, All Gain

HeavyPro Sport Mouthguards are triple-layer protective for the ultimate comfort. Tough on the inside to take a beating, and cushioned all around to protect your teeth, gums and teeth.

Perfect Fit for the Perfect Game

HeavyPro Sport Mouthguards never fall off. No need for biting force from your lower jaw, so you can put full force into your game.

Made to last. Game after game after game.

Whether it’s for hockey, rugby or combat sports like boxing or muay thai, you can count on HeavyPro Sport Mouthguards to have your back for years, not months.

Terence Teo

“It's so comfortable, yet I don't have to worry."

It’s so comfortable, feels like a gel and the outside is hard. And it doesn’t drop and all, it doesn’t even slip or move. So I don’t have to worry about it flying out or gaging me.

Terence Teo, Founder of Ghetto Fitness

How HeavyPro Matches Up

Boil and Bite Mouthguards

Boil and Bite

Boil & Bite mouthguards fit poorly and become loose. Like the name, you have to bite to hold the mouthguard in place. That’s distracting and keeps you from performing your best.

Sportsafe Mouthguards

HeavyPro Sport Mouthguards

HeavyPro Triplelayer sport mouthguards fit exactly onto the teeth, have a strong fit, allow movement for the opposing jaw as well as to breathe freely and to speak normally. **

Regular Boil & Bite Guards ERKODENT HeavyPro Triplelayer Guard
Requires biting force from lower teeth Stays in place without biting force from lower
May fly out of mouth or to back of throat on impact Stays in place upon impact
Falls out during mouth breathing Stays in place during mouth breathing
Stain prone Stain resistant
Requires replacement every few months Lasts for years
Single layer: Soft material throughout, compromising protection Triple Layer: Soft/Hard/Soft for optimal comfort and protection
Cannot talk with mouthguard in place Can talk with mouthguard in place

Full 4-rce Protection

Protection from all 4 sides of impact, and more: Top, side, bottom and front, including lateral forces. Our Triplelayer Mouthguards are designed to prevent jaw rattle and even protect gums and lower teeth from impact and bruises.


Boil & Bite Guards

HeavyPro Triplelayer Guard

Upper Teeth

Lower Teeth


Wraparound design protects lower teeth against impact



Custom guard wraps around and covers gums



Bite imprints allow secure lower jaw position, preventing jaw rattle and reducing risk of jaw fractures

Your game. Your style.

Sport Mouthguards customised for safety and style. With nearly 40 colours and styles to pick, you can get into any game or fight with your own brand of grit.

Customised Sport Mouthguards

Made Pro for You by Dentists

Dentist in CBD

Brightside Dental has worked with top fighters such as @teo_boh and @amirkhanmma to customize their sportsguards to their needs, utilising a digital moulding process that ensures perfect fit.

FAQs for HeavyPro Mouthguards

Everything you need to know about our HeavyPro Triplelayer Mouthguards and more.

You will receive the mouthguard 7 working days after the first digital scan visit.

ERKODENT HeavyPro Triplelayer Mouthguards are extremely durable and can last you for many years if maintained well.

Simply brushing and rinsing them with soap and water is sufficient. You may also choose to purchase denture/aligner effervescent tablets for additional cleaning every now and then.

HeavyPro Triplelayer Mouthguards are made of a triple layer (soft-hard-soft) polymer that’s custom moulded to your teeth.

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