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A healthy smile of clean, strong, and aligned teeth goes beyond just aesthetics; it plays a crucial role in our overall well-being and self-confidence too. Overcrowding, uneven bites, and misaligned teeth can lead to oral issues such as cavities and gum disease; systemic conditions like diabetes and respiratory infections; as well as affect speech, digestion, and result in many more problems.

Clear Aligners Singapore

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Clear Aligners vs. Braces: Choosing the Best Option

Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners

  • Clear aligners come in different brands, such as Invisalign and Reveal.
  • P.S. Clear aligners can be used as trays for take home whitening as well 😉

 Clear Aligners Start From




Braces can be in the form of traditional metal braces, or ceramic braces which are translucent in colour.

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Both clear aligners and braces have their own strengths! One may be suitable than the other depending on the misalignment. Come by for a consultation to find out which option suits you better!

Invisalign &

Clear Aligners Benefits

Reveal Clear Aligners

Invisalign uses a series of clear, removable aligners to gradually move and align your teeth. Here are some of its benefits:

Clear Aligners

Discreet and Unnoticeable

The virtually invisible clear aligners used set them apart from other teeth straightening solutions. Their transparent nature lets you straighten your teeth discreetly without anyone taking notice.

Enhanced Comfort

Clear aligners are made of smooth plastic that are gentle on your gums and teeth. This reduces the likelihood of irritation and discomfort. Because they are removable, you may also maintain your optimal oral hygiene as per usual.

Minimal Disruptions to Lifestyle

Clear aligners are easily removable on-the-go, allowing them to fit seamlessly into your life. Whether you’re playing sports, a music instrument, or eating hard foods, you can continue to enjoy your favourite activities and foods without restrictions.

Fewer to No Emergency Visits

Common problems experienced with conventional teeth straightening solutions are less likely to occur with clear aligners. This means fewer unexpected visits to the orthodontist for repairs.

For Brilliant Smile

Braces Benefits

Traditional braces uses constant pressure to correct a wide range of issues, including rotated or crowded teeth. Here are some of their benefits:

Dental Braces

Fast and Powerful

Braces apply pressure directly onto your teeth. This consistent pressure, coupled with a push and pull technique, allows your teeth to move into place faster than clear aligners in most cases.

Suitable for Severe Misalignment

The bracket and archwire system allows braces to reach each and every teeth even in more complex cases. Clear aligners, on the other hand, may not have a good grip on certain misaligned teeth.

Less Visible Options

You can opt for ceramic brackets, which are created to blend in with the natural color of your teeth, for a less noticeable option as compared to metal brackets.

Less Self-Discipline Needed

As braces are fixed directly onto your teeth, you won’t have to constantly remind yourself to put them back after taking them out. There is also zero risk of losing your braces since they are not removable.

Conditions Invisalign & Clear Aligners Can Address

Brochure Teeth_Gapped teeth

Gapped Teeth

Gaps between teeth

Brochure Teeth_Crossbite


Upper and lower jaws are misaligned

Brochure Teeth_Underbite


Protruding lower teeth

Brochure Teeth_Deepbite

Deep Bite

Protruding upper teeth

Brochure Teeth_Crowding


Not enough room for teeth

Brochure Teeth_Openbite

Open Bite

Vertical spacing between front teeth

Choose Brightside Dental for a radiant new smile, where your oral health and aesthetics are our top priorities.

FAQs for Brightside Aligners and Braces

Everything you need to know about our Brightside services for braces, clear aligners, and more.

Yes, they are! There are very specific situations where traditional braces would still be preferred, but these are getting further and fewer with advancements in clear aligner technology.

Clear aligners are suitable for everyone! Patients can be as young as 9 years old or they can even be great grandparents.

It really depends on the complexity of your misalignment. Generally, traditional braces are slightly faster.

Extra oral hygiene care has to be taken when wearing traditional braces. Brushing between brackets with interdental brushes and rinsing after every meal is important!

With clear aligners, hardly any change to your regular routine is required.

Some soreness at the start of treatment and tightness with every aligner change is to be expected.

Unlike traditional braces, clear aligner treatment does not require conventional adjustments. Rather, reviews are performed at intervals of one or two months to ensure tracking of aligners.

If you participate in contact sports, clear aligners would be the better option! Being hit in the mouth while wearing braces may cause injury to your lips and cheek.

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Dr. Wilson Dan is the Clinical Director of a third generation family dental clinic and has served years as Dental Officer In-Charge at SingHealth Polyclinics.

At Brightside Dental, he spearheads harmonious dental aesthetics with safe and proven treatments that protects your natural teeth, creating brighter and more confident smiles every day.

Dr Jeremy Sim graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2016.

He practiced at a renowned aesthetic dental clinic before setting out with Dr Wilson Dan at Brightside Dental, taking along a wealth of experience to bring dental aesthetics to the masses.

He also practices orthodontics with years of clear aligner and braces patients under his belt. He also has a strong passion for paediatric dentistry and believes in early intervention for jaw development issues.

A patient practitioner, his mantra is to listen first, and do later.

Dr. Wilson Dan
Dr. Jeremy Sim