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How Teeth Whitening Works

Teeth whitening/beaching is the process of lightening the colour of your teeth in terms of colour and shade, to make them brighter and less yellow. 


The discolouration of teeth can be both external and internal.

External stains may be removed with your regular 6 month dental scaling and polishing visit. These are caused by a few factors, such as a build-up of plaque or frequent consumption of staining drinks like tea.

Internal stains are caused by factors such as genetics. Consumption of strongly coloured drinks like tea may also "set in" to teeth and change from an external to an  internal stain.

Teeth whitening/bleaching penetrates the outer surface of your teeth and removes these internal stains with a group of chemicals known as "peroxides". These peroxides oxidize yellow and grey pigments under your tooth surface, giving you a whiter and brighter smile. 

The Clinic Whitening Process

Teeth whitening dental services

Clinic whitening, or in-office whitening, is performed in a professional setting. 


The dentist first determines if you are suitable for clinic whitening. Sometimes, conditions such as dental decay or poor gum health may be render your teeth unsuitable for whitening.


A light scaling and polishing is first performed to remove any plaque from the surface of your teeth. This is to ensure perfect contact of whitening gel and tooth structure.


After your lips and gums are protected, a higher concentration peroxide gel is placed on your teeth to whiten them. A high powered LED laser light is then positioned over your teeth to activate the gel. This is performed for 3 rounds over the span of 1 hour.



Proprietary ingredients in the gel reduce or completely prevent teeth sensitivity during treatment. As an added precaution, a de-sensitizing gel is placed on your teeth after treatment for further reassurance. 

Looking for a professional to help you with teeth whitening? Our team at Brightside Dental is well-positioned to deliver suitable solutions to you.

Whitening your Teeth at Home


Home whitening is performed by yourself at home and it's really easy to do!


Our dentists prescribe a peroxide gel that is given to you in syringes. These gels are essential for teeth whitening and have to be stored in the refrigerator to keep them fresh. 


Custom trays are made to adapt to the shape of your teeth. The gels are then dispensed into these trays and then trays are then placed over your teeth for approximately 1 hour every day. 


Gels should only be dispensed onto the front surfaces of teeth on the tray. A tiny glob would suffice, as the rest of the gel would spread over the surface of the teeth. Any excess that flows onto your  gums should be wiped away immediately.


There should be enough gel to last you at least 2 weeks in each kit. After activation of your teeth with clinic whitening, home whitening should take your teeth another 5-8 shades lighter, making it an excellent complement to your clinic whitening treatment.

Available Packages for Clinic and Home Whitening

When it comes to teeth whitening in Singapore, our standard package is what we would recommend for most patients to predictably achieve a brilliant smile.

The clinic whitening first provides the initial burst to jump start the whitening process by about 3-5 shades.

With the opening of microchannels on the surface of teeth after clinic whitening, the teeth are now primed for take-home whitening to take it to the next level by 5-8 shades.



take-home whitening

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Should you have any further questions, do visit our FAQs Page or Contact Us.

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