Why is Brushing and Flossing Daily Important for White Teeth?

A Person Brushing Their Teeth

Growing up, we’ve all been taught to brush and floss our teeth daily to maintain clean and healthy teeth. But apart from hygiene purposes, did you know that these habits can aid in maintaining bright and beautiful teeth for an enhanced appearance too? A radiant smile can speak volumes about your oral health and overall well-being, and adhering to an oral care routine can be helpful in this aspect. Find out why below.

1. Prevents Plaque and Tartar

After a meal, whether light or indulgent, leftover food particles in your mouth will mix with your saliva and form a substance known as plaque. It is a sticky film of bacteria that adheres to your teeth and has the ability to cause numerous problems.

Firstly, it produces acids when sugars from food are metabolised; it can demineralise the enamel and increase its porosity and susceptibility to staining. The byproducts of bacterial metabolism also contribute to the discolouration of teeth.

But that’s not all. Overtime, plaque can also absorb pigments from food and beverages to cause extrinsic staining (stains that stem from external factors).

If left unaddressed, plaque can mineralise and harden into tartar, which will be more challenging to remove. 

Tartar is a rough, porous substance that attracts and traps stains. When accumulated, it can contribute to intrinsic staining (stains caused by internal factors), making the teeth appear discoloured. 

Brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, which remineralises the tooth enamel, helps prevent this build-up of plaque. Fluoride is also capable of inhibiting the growth of bacteria in the mouth and reducing the production of acids that can erode your teeth enamel. 

However, brushing with a toothbrush alone may not be effective; some areas of the mouth may still be overlooked. This is when flossing comes into play. Not only does it help in removing plaque from hard-to-reach spaces, it also prevents the formation of tartar, which poses a threat to gum health and can contribute to tooth discolouration. 

2. Removes Stains

Certain food and beverages can cause staining in the teeth due to their chemical composition and interaction with our enamel. Those with pigmented compounds can adhere to the enamel surface and result in extrinsic staining. Coffee and tea, for example, contain tannins and chromogens that can lead to yellow or brown stains. 

As our tooth enamel is porous and susceptible to absorbing these pigments over time, brushing and flossing regularly is crucial to remove the substances before they get a chance to permeate the teeth. This easy teeth whitening home remedy also removes plaque and tartar, as well as food particles and stains, to prevent discolouration.

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Be sure to brush or rinse your mouth after meals to prevent food from sitting on your tooth surface too long to preserve the natural shade of your pearly whites. However, if you’ve just consumed acidic food and beverages like citrus fruits, do wait at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth. Acids in these items can weaken your enamel and brushing with a fluoride toothpaste after may damage your enamel. 

3. Ensures Gum Health

The health of your teeth depends on how well you care for your gums too. Gum diseases such as gingivitis are not only uncomfortable, they also cause inflammation that can contribute to tooth discolouration. 

When your gums are inflamed and swollen, they may have an altered surface that is prone to bleeding and the adhesion of staining agents. The blood may come into contact with the tooth surface and lead to the appearance of red or brown stains. Inflammation also affects the composition of saliva and disrupts its ability to neutralise acids and cleanse the mouth, which can play a part in tooth staining. 

Brushing and flossing are two key oral hygiene components that can help with removing the plaque and debris responsible for decreased gum health. By cleaning away these substances, you can prevent the development of conditions that might compromise the whiteness of your teeth. 

Are you on the quest for whiter teeth? These simple yet effective habits are crucial for protecting against stains, contributing to a bright and radiant smile. 

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