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6 Reasons Why You Should Only Whiten Your Teeth At A Professional Dental Clinic

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Many non-dentist whitening establishments have popped up over the years. They claim to offer cheaper, yet equally effective dental whitening or bleaching as a professional dentist. Are their claims too good to be true? Well, here at Brightside Dental, we’re dentists and we’re here to shed some light on the matter.

1. The HSA (Health Sciences Authority) Of Singapore only permits registered dentists to use dental products containing more than 0.1% of hydrogen peroxide

HSA’s guidelines (link here) only allows dentists, like Brightside Dental, to use whitening gels containing more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. At professional dental clinics, we use hydrogen peroxide concentrations of up to 35% in a professionally controlled environment to ensure patient safety and comfort.

Gels of 0.1% are simply not going to yield any visible results, and would require numerous visits to yield even the slightest change of tooth shade.

2. Dentists are usually cheaper (yes, you read that correctly!)

Considering the inefficient products that non-dentist establishments use, customers are required to visit them at least approximately 10 times before whiter teeth are visible. Each visit may cost between $80 to $150. 10 visits would therefore cost $800 to $1500 in total! Here at Brightside Dental, just 1 visit is enough to yield visible results; and it only costs $599 (click here for our pricelist).

3. The cost of your time

10 visits to a non-dentist establishment compared to a single visit with us for visible results. It’s a no brainer, isn’t it?

4. You cannot whiten teeth without cleaning them professionally first

Plaque builds up over the surfaces of your teeth as we go through the rigours of daily life. This layer of plaque has to be removed before whitening gels are able to penetrate your teeth to whiten them. At Brightside Dental, our dentists perform pre-treatment prophylaxis with professional instruments to prepare your teeth for whitening. Non-dentist establishments do not have the expertise to do so.

5. Not everyone is suitable for dental whitening

Certain dental conditions like severe gum disease, decay, and existing dental fillings and crowns may possibly make you an unsuitable candidate for dental whitening. At Brightside Dental, our trained dentists will make a thorough assessment of your dental health and will only proceed with treatment if you are suitable to do so. Non-dentist establishments ignore these healthcare needs and may cause the patient to suffer from severe pain and sensitivity.

6. Comfort, comfort, comfort

Brightside Dental places patient comfort first. Our dental chairs are luxurious, we offer a cozy fleece blanket and patients may even choose to catch up with their latest series on Netflix while having their teeth whitened!

Treatment-wise, we carefully place both a lip retractor as well as a gum shield prior to the application of the whitening gel and laser whitening light. This ensures patient safety and comfort. Patients are also given a call bell to alert our staff should any assistance be required.

It is important to entrust the care of your teeth with certified professionals like Brightside Dental. Do not compromise the care of your health and make sure that your body receives the care that it deserves.

Find out more about dental whitening by reading our FAQs page. Alternatively, you make make an appointment here. We hope to welcome you to the Brightside soon!