Is Teeth Whitening Safe and Effective? How Does it Work?

Clean and white teeth are favoured by many because the teeth are usually the first point of anyone’s face that people notice. Studies have also shown that white teeth make people appear attractive because it looks healthier, more pristine, and is associated with good genetics.

In order to enhance one’s appearance to look more appealing to others, people have sought out teeth whitening methods to remove discolouration on their teeth. As a result, there are many over-the-counter and professional teeth whitening solutions available today. In this article, we discuss professional teeth whitening, whether it is safe and effective, and how it works.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a dental procedure that helps you achieve a brighter, cleaner, and healthier-looking smile by removing stains from deep within your teeth and lightening their colour through the use of certain ingredients. Tooth discolouration is a very common issue we face as it can be caused by daily habits that many of us have. For example, drinking tea and coffee, or smoking.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Professional teeth whitening treatments make use of safe chemicals, namely hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide—both of which are natural bleaching agents—to permeate the tooth enamel. The whitening agents contain oxygen molecules that will react with the discoloured molecules in your teeth to break down the bonds that hold the stains together, removing them and whitening the entire tooth.

What To Expect During A Professional Teeth Whitening Session?

Firstly, the dentist will clean your teeth to remove any dental plaque or tartar on the surface. This step is important because it helps to ensure a better result at the end. A protective layer will then be placed on your gums to protect them. Then, a whitening solution consisting of hydrogen peroxide will be applied onto the front of your teeth. A curing light or laser will be used to whiten your teeth. When the optimal shade is achieved, your teeth will be rinsed. A typical session usually lasts an hour.

How Effective Is Teeth Whitening? Is It Safe?

Teeth whitening treatments are generally very safe as long as you approach the right people for your procedure. Teeth whitening solutions should never be used excessively or left on your teeth for long periods of time. If handled by professional dentists, they would have the expertise and experience to help you attain whiter and healthier teeth without causing damage.

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Teeth whitening is suitable for most people, but you should still consult your dentist to determine whether it is safe for you. It is not recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, have sensitive teeth, gum disease, shrinkage, or have cracks or exposed dentine.

Struggling with discoloured teeth and wish to find a solution that can help you regain the confidence to smile again? Professional teeth whitening treatments are an excellent solution.

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