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Teeth Whitening at a Dental Clinic vs Beauty Salon

Teeth Whitening at a Dental Clinic vs Beauty Salon

Associated with great health and beauty, clean and bright teeth is an appearance that many people would like to possess. Due to this desire for dazzling pearly whites, the demand for teeth whitening treatments in Singapore are also on the rise. This increasing number of teeth whitening options makes choosing the right treatment extremely important; you wouldn’t want to jeopardise your oral health by whitening your teeth at dubious and inexperienced establishments.

Teeth whitening treatments can be found at dental clinics and beauty salons. While the latter is well-trained in issues relating to aesthetics and appearance, should you be going to them for teeth whitening? We take a look at the differences between whitening your teeth at a dental clinic versus a beauty salon so that you can make the right choice for yourself.

1. Professional Expertise

Dental clinics offering teeth whitening treatments typically employ qualified dentists and dental hygienists who possess extensive knowledge of oral health, dental anatomy, and the risks and benefits associated with teeth whitening. They’ve gone through rigorous dentistry training, and are equipped to handle your teeth whitening process efficiently.

On the other hand, beauty salons may not have dentists present to perform the teeth whitening procedure. While they have professionals trained in administering beauty procedures and teeth whitening treatments, their level of dental knowledge might not match those of dental professionals.

2. Safety and Regulation

Dental clinics in Singapore are subject to stringent regulations imposed by professional dental boards or governing bodies such as the Singapore Dental Council, ensuring compliance with safety and sterilisation standards to protect patients’ health. They usually utilise professional-grade whitening products in the appropriate amounts approved by authorities. This ensures that no damage will be caused to your oral health.

However, the regulatory framework for teeth whitening treatments in beauty salons can vary. They are not heavily regulated, and may pose a safety risk if proper procedures are not followed.

3. Treatment Plans

Every individual has unique dental needs, and dental clinics are able to provide personalised teeth whitening treatment plans based on your oral health and teeth condition. The dentists will take into account any existing dental conditions and ensure that these issues are resolved before proceeding with teeth whitening. You’ll also be given options like in-office teeth whitening or take-home teeth whitening kits. Additionally, the number of treatment sessions can be customised to cater to your needs.

Beauty salons often provide standardised teeth whitening treatments that may not consider your dental concerns. These are usually one-size-fits-all products and procedures that may not meet your individual needs. If you have pre-existing dental conditions, do exercise caution and consult with your dentist before considering teeth whitening in beauty salons.

4. Monitoring and Follow-Up Care

Dental clinics provide comprehensive monitoring and follow-up care throughout the teeth whitening process, including between sessions, to address any concerns or side effects promptly. The dentists will also be able to guide patients through the post-treatment phases, providing support to ensure optimal oral health.

This level of care and guidance may not be met by beauty salons as beauticians may not possess the necessary expertise and dental knowledge to provide more aid.

Regardless of where you’d like to get your teeth whitening treatments done, it is important to consider every factor mentioned above to find the right option for yourself.

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