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How to Maintain White Teeth After Professional Teeth Whitening

Maintaining White Teeth After Professional Teeth Whitening

If you’ve invested plenty of time and money into getting professional teeth whitening treatments, the last thing you want is for your teeth to look dull and dirty again. If you wish to maintain that bright and vibrant smile, it is important to adopt a few simple yet effective oral care habits. In this article, we will share some expert tips and tricks to taking care of your teeth so that they can stay beautifully white and dazzling for as long as possible

1. Go for Touch-Up Treatments

It is natural for teeth to accumulate stains and discolouration over time due to factors such as diet, lifestyle habits, and ageing. While the initial professional teeth whitening procedure can help you achieve an ideal level of teeth whiteness, touch-up whitening treatments are crucial to maintain the long-term brightness of your smile.

Compared to the primary treatment, touch-up sessions typically employ milder whitening agents designed to be used periodically to clean up any new stains or discolouration that may have occurred after your last whitening. Removing these stains promptly can prevent them from becoming deeply embedded in the tooth enamel, which can prolong your whitening results.

2. Get an Effective Whitening Toothpaste

If you’re looking for a more cost-effective alternative to touch-up teeth whitening treatments, whitening toothpastes can be a great solution. They usually contain gentle abrasives that aid in scrubbing away extrinsic stains caused by the food and drinks you consume and your lifestyle habits.

Additionally, whitening toothpastes may contain ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. These are whitening agents that dental clinics use to whiten teeth. They penetrate the tooth enamel and help break down deeper stains. However, it’s important to note that the concentration of whitening agents in toothpaste is lower than in professional whitening treatments. And there are limitations to how much they can clean your teeth.

3. Maintain Good Dental Hygiene

Practising good dental hygiene is important for not just maintaining white teeth, but also ensuring healthy oral function. Professional teeth whitening treatments can only clean away stubborn stains to give you dazzling pearly whites. But to maintain them and prevent new stains from forming, it is essential to establish a consistent oral care routine.

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Some important steps to take include brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing every day, and rinsing your mouth with a mouthwash. Through this routine, you can clean away any dirt, food particles, plaque, or tartar to keep your teeth free of substances that can cause discolouration or stains.

4. Avoid Certain Food and Drinks

It’s important to be mindful of the substances that can stain or discolour your teeth. While teeth whitening treatments can help to whiten your teeth, they cannot shield your teeth from tooth-staining food and beverages.

Drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine, and coca cola, as well as foods and sauces such as berries, dark chocolate, tomato sauce, curry, and soy sauce, should be avoided as they can contribute to tooth discolouration. Acidic items can also erode the tooth enamel and make it more susceptible to staining.

By making conscious choices and avoiding certain foods and beverages, you can prolong the effects of the whitening treatment.

5. Avoid Tobacco Use

One of the most significant lifestyle habits that can cause bad tooth discolouration is smoking or using any form of tobacco. Prolonged exposure to the tar and nicotine contents can lead to yellowing, brown stains, and even more severe dental issues. Quitting or reducing tobacco use not only improves your overall health, but also plays a vital role in maintaining white teeth.

Maintaining white teeth after a professional teeth whitening treatment requires a combination of diligent habits and smart choices. By following the tips and recommendations outlined in this article, you can extend the longevity of your bright smile and continue to radiate confidence.

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